Raya Shimi Parsian company, with the activity scope of sodium bicarbonate production and packaging, with a comprehensive approach to the internal and external environment of the organization, in order to achieve quality goals, has established its quality management system based on ISO9001:2015 and ISO22000:2018 standards for operational processes. It has established and adjusted strategies and organized and used its resources accordingly.

We believe that reaching the defined goals of the organization will be possible by relying on the following:

• Synchronization in the quality and health of products with national and international standards

• Sustainable supply chain management

• Designing the market, increasing the level of customer satisfaction and creating loyal customers with international brand management

• Development and sustainability of presence in domestic and foreign markets

• Achieving a leadership position in the domestic market and an effective presence in global markets by focusing on the principles and professional ethics of business in the competition

• Identifying the best and most effective opportunities in the domestic and international markets and investing in them by relying on expert human resources and an organization based on knowledge and technology.

• Creating the necessary infrastructure to maintain and improve the quality and safety of products

• Continuous innovation and improvement of manufactured products, improvement of processes and systems, prevention of errors in them in order to reduce wastage and waste.

• Development of product portfolio

• Making decisions based on real information from data analysis

• Increasing skill and ability and cultivating human resources as the most valuable capital of the organization

While monitoring the good implementation, effectiveness and efficiency, the senior management of the organization evaluates, analyzes and revises the quality management system at appropriate time intervals and ensures the following in relation to the quality policy:

Introducing and understanding the company’s policy in the organization, matching with the goals of the organization, reviewing for the continuation of matching, providing a framework for determining quality goals, commitments to meet requirements and continuous improvement, the effectiveness of the management system, and all employees of the company are committed to maintain, implement and continuous improvement of all work processes and activities.

Raya Shimi Parsian Company believes that the growth of the organization depends on a planned, universal and led effort from the top level of the organization, whose purpose is to improve the quality, effectiveness and health of the organization, therefore, in order to achieve this important and to gain satisfaction All stakeholders have developed their organizational vision and mission.

Raya Shimi Parsian Company is based on using management systems, relying on efficient human resources, creating a calm and safe environment, improving the quality of products, developing customer relationship management, satisfying customers and other stakeholders, and continuously improving organizational processes, to provide a quality product. supply customers

Raya Shimi Parsian Company, as one of the sodium bicarbonate production units in the country, considers the satisfaction of its stakeholders as its main task. This organization, by taking advantage of internal organizational knowledge and relying on efficient human resources, puts progress and excellence on its agenda. have given.